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Perfection is priceless


  Deauville is the beautiful illustration of how the vibrant Norman style can blend naturally into the romantic Russian landscape. It takes just 10 minutes from the Russian capital to get this upscale club cottage community.
 Deauville’s buildings were carefully planned and designed resting on the unique drawings of French architects, who found inspiration in the archives of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
 Located on 640000 m2 of land, the settlement of consists of 190 residential units all designed in one style. Apartments, townhouses, duplexes and detached houses - all the facilities look like they are came from France at the junction of centuries. But the real gem of Deauville is the splendid lake of 160000 square meters of space and with unruffled surface.
 Deauville as the subtle reminder of the gorgeous past of the French palatial architecture with all its elegance is one of the most unrivaled places for comfortable life out of the big city.


The project includes:

Mirum Group is one of the few international companies in Greece that has been included into the Procedures of the Strategic Investments of the Law N. 3894/2010, providing for fast track permitting and other benefits for the project.


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