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L’art de vivre - the art of living

 The Russian twin of the famous and fashionable French resort, Trouville is the residential complex in just 10 minutes’ drive from Moscow. The distinctive feature of the complex is that atmosphere of France was recreated here not only architecturally. The special spirit that gave inspiration to Alexandre Dumas and Claude Monet has been carefully preserved in Trouville.
 There are no two identical building among 87 residential units of the development. Each one was designed in inimitable style which makes every one of them almost a masterpiece.
 Trouville’s townhouses, duplexes and detached houses are situated on 165000 square meters of space adorned by the cascade of lakes, picturesque lake promenade and summer café.

The project includes:

Mirum Group is one of the few international companies in Greece that has been included into the Procedures of the Strategic Investments of the Law N. 3894/2010, providing for fast track permitting and other benefits for the project.


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