Mirum group

For more than 20 years Mirum has been creating luxury spaces for living and vacationing that are inviting, fun, natural, diverse and appealing to multiple generations of customers. Mirum is a privately held real estate investment and development company driven by the philosophy of designing spaces that will become iconic. The company is fully involved in each project and cares about every minute detail with the goal of delivering the highest quality while making residents’ lives comfortable.

Mirum’s pioneering vision and ability to deliver designer residential spaces and top-quality leisure estates is widely recognized in the market. Custom planning solutions, unmatched architectural style, sophisticated landscaping, and customer-oriented service is what Mirum’s clients rely on.

Presently, Mirum is one of the largest landholders in Greece with over 1 000 000 square meters of superior seafront land held in ownership. Our development pipeline includes over 200 000 square meters of new and redeveloped real estate projects with a total investment value of over €1 billion. Our intentions are to build luxury hotels, high-class residential areas, and top commercial spaces, as well as extensive, synergetic infrastructure.

Just as it has always done in past successful projects elsewhere, Mirum pays careful attention to design in its Greek projects. The ideas and solutions that are brought to clients are unmatched on the market. The in-depth planning that goes into every project is done for the sole purpose of delivering satisfaction to the most demanding customers all over the globe.