• €1 billion
    investment volume
  • 100 ha
    of freehold
    seafront land
  • 20 years
    of experience
  • 750 units
    built and sold
  • 100% in love
    with Greece

Mirum Group

Mirum has over 20 years of experience in building and selling property exceeding €1 billion in value.

Mirum is one of the largest landholders in Greece with over 1 000 000 square meters of superior seafront land. Our development pipeline consists of over 200 000 square meters of hotels, residential, and commercial areas with extensive infrastructure.

Mirum Group is one of the few international companies in Greece that has been included into the Procedures of the Strategic Investments of the Law N. 3894/2010, providing for fast track permitting and other benefits for the project.


Our Projects

  • 25%
    Total Contribution
    to Employment Market
  • 20%
    Total Contribution
    to GDP
  • 28%
    of Total Exports
  • 16%
    of Total
    Direct Investment
  • 4%
    10-year CAGR
    in Tourist Arrivals

Greece. A brand name for global tourism.

Brand value: Greece is one of the world’s major tourist markets and internationally recognized for its year-round premium holiday appeal.

Geography and morphology: From the multitude of sunny islands and beaches to the snowy peaks and forests, Greece offers an unlimited variety of attractive destinations for all tastes.

History and Culture: Over 30 million visitors per year are drawn not just to Greece’s natural beauty, but also its more than four millennia of recorded history.

Established Infrastructure: Direct air links from major European airports into more than 20 destinations.

European Union membership: As a member of the EU and being part of Eurozone, Greece has no trade barriers, which makes it the excellent gateway to more than 140 million consumers from Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Crete. Small universe of beauty in Southern Europe.

  • The Island: Crete is an island of unrivaled beauty, the cradle of European civilization, situated in the heart of Mediterranean. It is known for its mild climate, astonishing beaches, clear blue waters, spectacular mountains.

  • Access: Crete is at the crossroads of three continents and has direct access from many parts of the world (London 4 hrs.; Moscow 3.5 hrs., Dubai 5 hrs.).

  • Temperate climate: More than 330 days of sunshine a year - the Cretan winters are short and mild whilst the summers are hot and dry with cooling breezes. Crete boasts the longest peak season in Greece.

  • Health: Crete plays host to well-developed, private and public healthcare systems. It is widely known for its very healthy climate, above average life expectancies and the healing qualities of its land, mountains and sea air.

Elounda. The purest gem of Crete

Elounda as a top Mediterranean destination for luxury vacations in Europe, starting from 1970s developed into a primary 5-star hotel resorts in Greece.

Since establishing itself as an upscale destination Elounda boasts the highest density of hotels in Greece and the top ten of the island’s most luxurious resorts. Top quality hotels in the area operate 200 days per year.

Privacy, tailored services as well as nature’s eternal beauty, calm and turquoise water of Mirabello bay, with easy access, continue to attract wealthy holidaymakers to the area.

  • 330 days
    of sunshine
    per year
  • 1046 km
    of seafront land
    bank secured
  • 260/60 km
    east to west
    north to south
  • 8400
    sq km
    of diverse landscape
  • 600000
    with heartfelt hospitality

Highlights of the Crete Tourist and Residential Markets

Demand: Over 6 million tourists annually. Popular destination for all types of holiday homebuyers. It offers easy access, moderate climate, natural beauty, and strong investment value.
Largest demand comes from Scandinavians, British, Germans, and Russians. Interest is continually growing from buyers from Israel, China, and Middle Eastern countries.

Supply: An official survey by Elstat recorded 80 000 second and holiday homes in Crete, rep-resenting only 10% of total real estate on the island.
Number of holiday homes in Crete has remained flat over the last three years due to a low level of new supply – a remnant of the financial crisis.
Majority of Crete’s residential stock requires investment in renovation or refurbishment. Supply of newly built, high quality and ready to move in homes is minimal. Most newly built supply is represented by piecemeal single units rather than master planned communities.

Prices: Prices dropped by c.40% from pre-financial crisis levels. Today there is emerging demand for holiday homes and an upward trend in prices, with growth expected to remain stable in the coming years. Crete offers average investor rental yields (6-7%) higher than many Mediterranean alternatives.
Highest yields are found in the Lasithi prefecture where the well-known luxury holiday destinations of Elounda and Ag. Nikolaos are located. The high-end holiday homes in these areas are regularly let at rates of €1 500-2 500 per day in season.